Day 2

Posted: October 3, 2013 in A photo a day


After a day of unpacking, IKEAing, and putting up (about one quarter of) my furniture, my new job started. The move meant I had to deflate my bike tires and didn’t know where to find a bike pump (the scribbles on my moving boxes were at times oddly specific, yet none of them gave me any clue where to find a pump – I found it later in a box with stuff I had brought from the office. Makes sense, sort of.), so I took the bus to work. On campus (yes! It’s a real campus which is not that common for German universities.), I felt like a freshman and it took me a while to find the entrance of PRIM. Coming from the MPI (or any university, really), you’d be surprised at the size of… everything, but the project only started 2 years ago, so everything is still pretty new and we’ll hopefully grow as we go.

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