Day 5

Posted: October 5, 2013 in A photo a day
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In case you didn’t know, I only have a 27h work week. I take Fridays off, which is extremely convenient for long weekends and, as today, running errands. You never realize how incapacitated you are residing in a country without having a bank account. Having sorted this out today, I can get all sorts of fun things like insurances, TV, and internet.

Also, I went shopping – I had taken care of the bare essentials (bread, flour, sugar, coke) earlier this week, so today was more of a “Things that make my life a lot better, though I could proooooobably live without them” (avocado, maple syrup, sea salt) kind of shopping trip. I discovered that one of Germany’s most popular liquor brands now sells fig liquor in funky new flavors: American popcorn, bubble gum, coco biscuit, licorice, peanut, and apple pie. I picked up the latter two because I love apple pie (and apple-pie-flavored things) and I just couldn’t imagine what peanut schnapps would taste like. The apple pie variant smelled extremely sweet and I expected something like Apfelkorn, but it did not taste sweet at all and left a funny buttery aftertaste. Peanut smelled of roasted salted peanuts and might have had a slight peanut taste. To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to guess the flavors in a blind tasting.
I love being back in Germany for the weirdly flavored things you can get here. Stay tuned for posts about blueberry-muffin yogurt, gummi-bear tea, and cherry-marzipan jam.


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