Day 6

Posted: October 8, 2013 in A photo a day
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After vegging at home for a bit (reading QC, watching Friends, and whatnot), I figured I should explore the city center a bit. What you see up there is, I think, a major landmark of Potsdam, Brandenburg Gate. It’s a bit smaller than its brother, whom you might be more familiar with. Behind it lies Brandenburg street which I guess is the shopping street here. I found a store selling Asian groceries (though it’s nothing in comparison to Tokos), which also offers lunch on weekdays. Intriguing!

Going shopping by myself, for the first time I felt pretty lonely around here. I miss a lot of really great people. Don’t get me wrong,Ā Potsdam is incredibly pretty and I’m so happy that I ended up here. Also, some of my friends have already left Nijmegen, and most others will do so in a year or two. Still, I wish I could just call up someone to have coffee with*. Luckily, my next few weekends are full with visitors and trips, so yay!

*Silly me, I probably could, there’s some nice people living in Berlin which is just 30 minutes by train away. Must remember next time.

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