Day 8

Posted: October 13, 2013 in A photo a day
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What you see here is the outside of the campus gym. I did actually see someone try it out but I don’t think people really use it.
I had promised myself that I’d join a gym and a pool as soon as I have more free time. So I signed up for the university gym (and missed the sign-up for the swim club. Apparently, when they say that sign-up starts at 2:30 pm, it means that by 2:35, all that’s left is chess and debating). The intro course was a held at 9 am (ughhhhh), but the place seems nice enough. Also, the gym is literally two minutes from my office, so there go my excuses. I’m thinking of switching to the morning-only membership which is considerably cheaper – it gets too crowded to be fun after 2 pm anyway and going for a little workout should make for a nice break.


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