Day 27

Posted: November 1, 2013 in A photo a day
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Look at that, I got pets! My first overnight visitor brought me a jar of worms as a housewarming gift (much more appreciated than the usual bottle of wine, I tell you). Let me know, if you can think of cool names; so far, we got Fiona, Paula, Ken Lee, Dibidibidi Bou Choo-hoo-hoo (that’s one name), Shubidu, and HuiBuh.
An IKEA Samla box (fun fact: sammeln means ‘to collect’ in German) turned into their little worm hacienda. I have yet to figure out where they’ll live during the colder part of the year. Starting the worm bin meant a lot of fruit flies (not sure if this is normal), so they live in my little shed until the flies disappear (which is when I should probably bring them inside anyway because it gets too cold in the shed).

  1. […] like I’ve become that lady. That lady who cuts up veggies for her worms. Well, full disclosure: a) It really is better to give them small pieces because the worms will […]

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