Day 46

Posted: November 17, 2013 in A photo a day
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The PhDs and post-docs went out for drinks! There’s nothing on campus catering to beer-thirsty 20-somethings, so we went downtown to Hohle Birne. In addition to the great name (I love pears! Also, it’s cutesy-German for someone stupid), they got many many types of beers (including my favorite, depicted above), very nice and patient-with-non-German-speakers service, and some very stereotypical East-German food (including Jägerschnitzel the only way it should ever be made). Come visit me and we’ll go there!

  1. […] I met up with a fun bunch of MPI folks at Café Samson. If you like beer, you’ll love this place for its wide selection. (If you don’t like beer, well… we can still be friends, I guess.) I had Tripel Karmeliet – so not predictable.  […]

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