Day 47

Posted: November 17, 2013 in A photo a day


I bought a new bike! Yay! I’ve been riding my wonderful little Tigger for the past 12 years. Not only is he getting too small (well, I guess he’s been too small for a while), but I feel that with a serious daily commute, I should invest in something faster and more comfortable. Today was a quiet day at Das Radhaus, so I had all the time in the world (and a nice and knowledgeable shop assistant at my service) to find a new best friend. Granted, the batbike (KTM avenza) may not be as sporty as I’d like it to be (or as the other bikes I tried), but it’s damn comfortable and I’ll take that over stylish any day.

  1. […] want tooooooo!”), so it’s about time. I have three bikes in my basement: the new Black Beauty, my beloved orange Tigger (which I’ve had since I was 12), and the klittle foldable Snowball […]

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