Day 118

Posted: February 8, 2014 in A photo a day
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I spent the weekend at my parents’ place up North. As I’m never home during normal business hours, I tend to order a lot of stuff online and have it shipped to either the convenience store close to my house or to my parents.
This guy up there is my phone’s new best friend. It’s an external battery which supposedly holds five full charges for my phone battery. Let me tell you, my phone is my lifeline because it brings me to my participants’ homes, it records my experiments, and it’s got tons of podcasts and tv shows to entertain me at the gym or while commuting. Also, lately there’s been some bug which causes the phone to freeze – and if I then turn it on again, I find myself with the battery status dropped from 80% to 15%. No fun. Cue: external battery.
The battery is chunky (it’s a little bigger than my phone) but that’s really not an issue if you’re carrying around a laptop and other stuff anyway. I only use it when necessary, but it’s so convenient to just connect the two in your backpack with no need for an external plug. Great investment!
(No no no, I’m not getting paid by the company, I just really like their product.)


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