Day 142

Posted: March 2, 2014 in A photo a day
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Today’s participant asked me if I could come to Frankfurt (Oder) to run my experiment (the first part is all behavioral, I’m not going to bring an MRI scanner on the train with me). Interestingly enough, when I mentioned this to co-workers, almost everybody thought I was talking about “the other” Frankfurt (Main). You know, the one with all the banks and the big international airport. I remember growing up immediately assuming that when people talked about Frankfurt, they meant the one bordering Poland.

I hadn’t quite realized that most signs would be in Polish, too – but I guess it makes a lot of sense, seeing how you can literally just walk across the border. My participant told me that basically everybody in town speaks a little Polish. (This is very similar to when I went to Kranenburg for an experiment for my PhD and I was surprised to learn that people there know quite a lot of Dutch. I see an experiment comparing language learning through school vs. through real-life exposure in the future.)


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