Day 168

Posted: March 29, 2014 in A photo a day


Berlin has a rapid transit ring around the city center. (Apparently, lots of bigger cities have this – a friend of mine told me about the ring(s) in Beijing; if you live just outside of the ring in Amsterdam, your rent might be half of what your neighbors a few meters towards the city center pay.)
I hardly ever have to use it, but whenever I do, I’m annoyed. Normally, lines are defined by their number and their last stop. These lines however are simply called “Ring” which doesn’t help you at all in knowing which way you’re supposed to go. Today, I saw the two directions underneath each other for the first time and it finally all made sense. (Granted, you still need to know a bit about Berlin geography to know if you need to go clockwise or counter-clockwise but this already helped tremendously.)

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