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1 March 2015

Posted: March 5, 2015 in A photo a day
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I’ve been accumulating Douglas gift cards for a while because while I like perfume and make-up, buying either is not high enough on my priority list to actually make time for a shopping trip. Today however, I found myself with some time to kill at the mall, so I quickly checked if my beauty guru Jessica (who is also an expert on all sorts of trashed-up food) has anything to recommend. Sure enough, my store carried soap & glory products which she had raved about, so I bought a few things. Happy shower times ahead!

Today’s tune: Just a kiss, by Lady Antebellum
(yyyyeah, I have questionable taste in music)


3 February 2015

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It’s not a secret I sorta kinda like Oreos. I’m also a big fan of supermarkets in other countries. I found these strawberry-flavored Oreos in Nepal and there was no way I’d not bring them home. (Your average German supermarket sells only the regular kind and maybe chocolate cream Oreos, if you’re lucky.)
I finally opened the package today and they were not terrible. The smell is very chemical and the flavor is very standard artificial strawberry but that was exactly  I expected of them, so they did their job. ;)

26 January 2015

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After weeks of researching with which phone I should replace my slowly dying S2, I FINALLY bought an S4 (thereby continuing my habit of living behind the curve and usually buying whatever was just replaced by a newer model). I’m super bummed that I wasn’t able to move my Whatsapp conversations and most of my apps, but having a phone that doesn’t freeze once a day and that has working vibration is amazing! :) Also, my old phone wasn’t able to sync with my Fitbit, so that’s a nice bonus.

25 January 2015

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I’m a devout Mac user, but I’m always very weary of upgrading to a new version of Mac OS. Also, reviews always suggest you do a full hard drive back-up (which I should do more often anyway, ahum) and it’s taken me forever to put up the desk in my room and to locate my external hard drive in my mess of boxes.

But after my Macbook became extremely sluggish, I finally bit the bullet. While I’m not a big fan of the design changes, I’d like to think that my laptop runs a lot faster now, so yay.

8 January 2015

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My roommate and I went to Ikea to equip our house with (mostly) essential things. We also stuffed our faces with köttbullar. Of course.

Day 107

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Someone in the US knows me verrrrry well! (For the record, there’s not one but threeee Oreo packages in there, including the ridiculous Triple Double Oreos. I have a definitely unhealthy obsession with all things Oreo.) The package also included, among other things, Butterfinger and Reese’s Pieces, which gives you some idea about my palate. Thank you, New World! :D


Day 106

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My day started early with an MRI safety training, so breakfast was consumed on the train back from Berlin. My mom works for the local power company in my hometown, so she brings me all kinds of stuff, just like this lunchbox which mayyyy have been the first prize at a drawing competition for first graders. It clash— I mean, juxtaposes nicely with the Starbucks cup. (Memo to self: You have a travel mug. Start bringing it with you!)