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31 January 2015

Posted: February 11, 2015 in A photo a day
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2015-01-31 22.35.45 I gave my dad a home-brewing kit for Christmas which he got very excited about. We had the results of the first round today – excellent stuff!
Home-brewing and craft beer is really not a thing in Germany  (thank you, Reinheitsgebot), so I always enjoy when I can get my hands on something that tastes a little different.


27 January 2015

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On a mission to explore the bar scene in our Kiez, my roommate and I went to train for cocktails. The bar is inside a former S-Bahn cart and has a great selection of drinks and very nice staff. (No food, though – sad.) Also, this place is a mere 10 minute walk from our house, so we’ll certainly be back.

22 January 2015

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When you see bizarre flavors like peanut butter pretzel bacon ice cream or cookies and cream popcorn, do you ever wonder who buys these flavor-overloaded things? That would be me.

On a quest for a birthday gift for my mom, I came across these little tins of flavored hot chocolate powder. So far, I’ve tried the apfelstrudel kind, and it’s pretty terrible. ;) Lumpy hot chocolate that smells good but doesn’t taste much of anything. Not even chocolate. Ah well, worth the try.

21 January 2015

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Kira Gor, who is visiting our lab for a year, gave a talk at a department meeting. A few of us went for dinner with her afterwards – good times!

18 January 2015

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I swear I didn’t know that my roommate is a trained barkeeper before we decided to move in together. (And even if I had, it wouldn’t have factored into this decision toooooo much. Ahum.)
We christened my new cocktail kit with a very tasty margarita.

17 January 2015

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I share my office with two amazing people – we’re different in a number of ways but get along extremely well. The three of us met up at Melbourne Canteen to catch up because we hadn’t really sat down to talk since Christmas break.
Also, I was happy to discover that this favorite bar of mine is now only a short bus ride away from home.

Day 154

Posted: March 13, 2014 in A photo a day
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My trip from my hometown to the Netherlands included a stop in Hannover. Let the record show that I’m a huge Starbucks fan. But I had been to Hannover before and while google tells me the main station has a Starbucks, I had never been able to find it. So I went to World Coffee Kaffeebar (what a terrible name) and got a Cinnamon Apple Latte. Oh man… not at all recommendable. I’m into weirdly flavored coffee, but this was kind of vile.
And of course on the way to my platform, I found the Starbucks! Sorry, Kaffeebar, I doubt we’ll see each other again.