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I owe millions of thanks to the rockstars who helped make this move as painless as possible. (Is that a weird way of phrasing it? Probably.) I’m a lucky girl, blessed with amazing family members, great co-workers and wonderful friends. Thank you!

I spent the last hour of the day assembling my bed because that first night in a new house is very special to me.
(We have a saying in Germany that the dream of the first night in a new home comes true. I dreamed that I was bitten by a lion cub. Make of that what you want.)


9 January 2015

Posted: January 20, 2015 in A photo a day
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A day of power-packing left me hopeful that mayyyybe there was a way I could actually make this move happen. It also made realize just how much stuff I have. Oh boy.
And with this, I was off. Goodbye, Potsdam!

Day 159

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PhD! Weeeeee!

Day 101

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I finally sent my thesis off to the printer! Weeeee! :) There were some last-minute hiccups (What is my ISBN? Where is my cover? Why is Word so uncooperative?), but I finally hit send and can’t wait for the proof which I’ll receive next week. Yay!

Day 38

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Sometimes (very rarely), I already know in advance what kind of picture of the day I want to take – say, when I have plans to go out with friends or take a trip somewhere. I don’t remember if I had planned something specific in mind for today, but I’m sure it couldn’t top the screenshot you see up there. Weeee PhD!

Day 33

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Halloween at my former house! It was so good (and weird) to be back at this place that I loved so much and to see people whom I’ve missed a lot over the past month. The party was great, lots of incredibly creative decoration, good music, and a really elaborate ghost tour. I wish I could go back more often.

Day 28

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What seems like a throwaway shot has a lot of significance to me.
I had brunch in Berlin (Hotel Honigmond offers a great deal for Sunday brunch, though apparently it’s not necessarily recommendable as a hotel). On the way back, I noticed the distinct cobbles that run through Berlin where the Berlin Wall used to stand. I wonder whether seeing this will ever cease to get me a little choked up. (I don’t know which side is which. And that’s just as well.)