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I owe millions of thanks to the rockstars who helped make this move as painless as possible. (Is that a weird way of phrasing it? Probably.) I’m a lucky girl, blessed with amazing family members, great co-workers and wonderful friends. Thank you!

I spent the last hour of the day assembling my bed because that first night in a new house is very special to me.
(We have a saying in Germany that the dream of the first night in a new home comes true. I dreamed that I was bitten by a lion cub. Make of that what you want.)


9 January 2015

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A day of power-packing left me hopeful that mayyyybe there was a way I could actually make this move happen. It also made realize just how much stuff I have. Oh boy.
And with this, I was off. Goodbye, Potsdam!

8 January 2015

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My roommate and I went to Ikea to equip our house with (mostly) essential things. We also stuffed our faces with köttbullar. Of course.

7 January 2015

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I have a terrible eye for most things spatial, so I could never really tell how many boxes I’d need for my move. In the last days before the big day, it seemed I had vastly underestimated the amount of stuff I had, so I snatched some boxes from work and carried them through Potsdam.

Day 121

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Office shuffling at PRIM! My office mate and I swapped our office with the PhDs. It only made sense, given that we had a huge office (back in the day, it was the swimming pool of an Soviet military camp) for just the two of us and there are seven PhDs.
I’m liking the new office a lot – located at the back of the building, it’s much quieter there. You just need to make sure that people know that you’re still in the building before they switch on the alarm…

Day 3

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Remember the beautiful/terrible wardrobe I mentioned yesterday? You may have guessed which one I was referring to. I love IKEA (and, spoiler, the looks of the finished product) but putting it up took 1.5 days and three sets of hands. Since I don’t own a spirit level (new word of the day, thank you, wikipedia! Raise your hand if you use wikipedia as a dictionary!), we used a wrench as a plumb bob to make sure that the wardrobe is somewhat level.
In the back, you see my avocado baby toddler, which has increased considerably in size since its birth in May 2013.

Day 1

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Thanks to the help of my great family, I was able to wake up in my own bed in Potsdam for the first time. Several of my cousins, some aunts, and a few friends live in Berlin, so the move itself was done in less than an hour.

(Spoiler alert: By now, I can’t see the balcony from my bed anymore because the view is obscured by a beautiful/terrible wardrobe.)

(Picture idea stolen from Clogs. I wish my photo included a dog as well.)