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Hi! Remember me? I’m supposed to post pictures on a daily basis but somehow February flew right by me. Work was hectic and crazy and disappointing and a little depressing. Private things were fun and exciting and blissful and definitely interesting. I took a few photos here and there, but I don’t like to think up memories from 10+ days ago. So I figured I’d use this entry as a largely uncommented pic dumb and start fresh in March – this time hopefully more in time. ;)

So this was February.


I ate

IMG-20150204-WA0005 IMG-20150217-WA0002 20150207_112503 IMG-20150211-WA0000 IMG-20150208-WA0000


I shopped

IMG-20150213-WA0000 IMG-20150220-WA0001 IMG-20150224-WA0000


I cleaned

IMG-20150214-WA0005 IMG-20150226-WA0005


I explored

IMG-20150220-WA0006 captured_by_snapseed_558 20150228_142222_1_1 IMG-20150215-WA0003


I laughed

IMG-20150216-WA0004 20150206_194726 IMG-20150221-WA0000 20150216_135214_1


I drank



I played


Good times.


15 January 2015

Posted: January 23, 2015 in A photo a day
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One of the reasons why I moved to Berlin was that I regularly conduct experiments at people’s homes. Today’s “commute” went along Bellevue Palace, where our president resides. It’s a beautiful area in general and I would have spent a lot more time exploring if it hadn’t rained cats and dogs. (Bonus points for the many police horses I saw. <3)

Day 94

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Staying up way too late made for a very slow first day of the new year. I had been meaning to go to Tempelhof for a while. It’s a former airport which was closed down a few years ago (back when they thought that the notorious Berlin Brandenburg Airport would be up and running soon…) and is now an open field (including some of the former runways). A cold and sunny winter day offered the perfect opportunity for a long New Year’s walk.

Day 49

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An afternoon trip to the Regierungsveirtel (where you’ll find the ReichstagBrandenburg gate, and similar government-y sights ended with glühwein and apple strudel (oddly enough made with pancake batter) at Cafe Lebensart.

Day 41

Posted: November 10, 2013 in A photo a day
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Image IMG_6430

Berlin! I was afraid that the excitement of going there would wear off soon (seeing how I have to go there for work about once a week anyway), but I’m still very much in love with this place. I did some shopping, some walking around, some coffee-drinking-and-reading.
I also stumbled across a few sights, such as a the TV tower and Checkpoint Charlie. Yesterday happened to be a fateful day in German history, both Kristallnacht and the Fall of the German Wall happened November 9 (1938 and 1989, respectively). The perfect day to play in our capital! (Which, of course, I didn’t notice until I got home. Go figure.)

Day 6

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After vegging at home for a bit (reading QC, watching Friends, and whatnot), I figured I should explore the city center a bit. What you see up there is, I think, a major landmark of Potsdam, Brandenburg Gate. It’s a bit smaller than its brother, whom you might be more familiar with. Behind it lies Brandenburg street which I guess is the shopping street here. I found a store selling Asian groceries (though it’s nothing in comparison to Tokos), which also offers lunch on weekdays. Intriguing!

Going shopping by myself, for the first time I felt pretty lonely around here. I miss a lot of really great people. Don’t get me wrong, Potsdam is incredibly pretty and I’m so happy that I ended up here. Also, some of my friends have already left Nijmegen, and most others will do so in a year or two. Still, I wish I could just call up someone to have coffee with*. Luckily, my next few weekends are full with visitors and trips, so yay!

*Silly me, I probably could, there’s some nice people living in Berlin which is just 30 minutes by train away. Must remember next time.