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Hi! Remember me? I’m supposed to post pictures on a daily basis but somehow February flew right by me. Work was hectic and crazy and disappointing and a little depressing. Private things were fun and exciting and blissful and definitely interesting. I took a few photos here and there, but I don’t like to think up memories from 10+ days ago. So I figured I’d use this entry as a largely uncommented pic dumb and start fresh in March – this time hopefully more in time. ;)

So this was February.


I ate

IMG-20150204-WA0005 IMG-20150217-WA0002 20150207_112503 IMG-20150211-WA0000 IMG-20150208-WA0000


I shopped

IMG-20150213-WA0000 IMG-20150220-WA0001 IMG-20150224-WA0000


I cleaned

IMG-20150214-WA0005 IMG-20150226-WA0005


I explored

IMG-20150220-WA0006 captured_by_snapseed_558 20150228_142222_1_1 IMG-20150215-WA0003


I laughed

IMG-20150216-WA0004 20150206_194726 IMG-20150221-WA0000 20150216_135214_1


I drank



I played


Good times.


23 January 2015

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I took the bus home to my parents’ place for my mom’s birthday. For many years, long-distance busses were prohibited (unless the bus operator could prove that their destinations were not sufficiently serviced by train companies), giving Deutsche Bahn the quasi-monopoly on mass land travel. In 2013, this ban was lifted and now Germans are happily chugging along in coaches that are cheaper (usually less than half the price) and more reliable than the train.

I got a front row seat and spent the bus ride watching Seinfeld. With Romanian subtitles. Because.

14 January 2015

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2015-01-21 11.30.36

I gave a talk in my department’s weekly lab meeting. My work focusses on language processing and aging – recently I’ve started looking into how old people understand complex sentences. Fun stuff!

Day 148

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It feels like it’s been forever since I last read a real book, I’ve gotten so used to my beloved Kindle. A few weeks back I went to the spa, so I didn’t want to bring the reader (not sure what I was more afraid of, it getting stolen or steamed) – I was surprised to find that the tiny English books section in the little bookstore in my parents’ town had one of the authors I recently discovered. (Of course then I didn’t end up reading it and only picked it up now because I finished the earlier books of the series.)
I’ve become a big fan of Lisa Gardner and her crime novels. They’re not literary masterpieces (which is probably a good thing, given that I read while commuting and before going to bed), but the characters are multidimensional and relatable and she keeps me guessing throughout the book.
I’m a little more than halfway through and I have to say that I can’t wait to go back to the ebook reader. ;) Whatever it is that makes people appreciate printed books more than ebooks, I can’t see the appeal. (Granted, this is a paperback, but still…)

Day 142

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Today’s participant asked me if I could come to Frankfurt (Oder) to run my experiment (the first part is all behavioral, I’m not going to bring an MRI scanner on the train with me). Interestingly enough, when I mentioned this to co-workers, almost everybody thought I was talking about “the other” Frankfurt (Main). You know, the one with all the banks and the big international airport. I remember growing up immediately assuming that when people talked about Frankfurt, they meant the one bordering Poland.

I hadn’t quite realized that most signs would be in Polish, too – but I guess it makes a lot of sense, seeing how you can literally just walk across the border. My participant told me that basically everybody in town speaks a little Polish. (This is very similar to when I went to Kranenburg for an experiment for my PhD and I was surprised to learn that people there know quite a lot of Dutch. I see an experiment comparing language learning through school vs. through real-life exposure in the future.)

Day 141

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One of my favorite German authors is Kleinkünstler (though he hates this term) Marc-Uwe Kling whose Känguru-Chroniken tell the stories of an anarchic Kleinkünstler called Marc-Uwe and his roommate, a communist kangaroo. I listened to his second book non-stop for 3 days while driving through Provence a few years ago and I’m super stoked to go see him read from his newest book in a few weeks. One of Kling’s specialties are “wrongly ascribed quotes”. Two of them are now hanging in my apartment.

Day 52

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Job, whom I had briefly met in Nijmegen, came to PRIM to give a talk about his thesis work. (Fascinating stuff! Check it out if you’re into second language acquisition, transfer, etc.) As per usual, the lab went out for dinner with him, this time we went to a crepe place in downtown Potsdam. Excellent sweet and savory food! The napkins featured an intro course in Breton.