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Hi! Remember me? I’m supposed to post pictures on a daily basis but somehow February flew right by me. Work was hectic and crazy and disappointing and a little depressing. Private things were fun and exciting and blissful and definitely interesting. I took a few photos here and there, but I don’t like to think up memories from 10+ days ago. So I figured I’d use this entry as a largely uncommented pic dumb and start fresh in March – this time hopefully more in time. ;)

So this was February.


I ate

IMG-20150204-WA0005 IMG-20150217-WA0002 20150207_112503 IMG-20150211-WA0000 IMG-20150208-WA0000


I shopped

IMG-20150213-WA0000 IMG-20150220-WA0001 IMG-20150224-WA0000


I cleaned

IMG-20150214-WA0005 IMG-20150226-WA0005


I explored

IMG-20150220-WA0006 captured_by_snapseed_558 20150228_142222_1_1 IMG-20150215-WA0003


I laughed

IMG-20150216-WA0004 20150206_194726 IMG-20150221-WA0000 20150216_135214_1


I drank



I played


Good times.


21 January 2015

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Kira Gor, who is visiting our lab for a year, gave a talk at a department meeting. A few of us went for dinner with her afterwards – good times!

14 January 2015

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2015-01-21 11.30.36

I gave a talk in my department’s weekly lab meeting. My work focusses on language processing and aging – recently I’ve started looking into how old people understand complex sentences. Fun stuff!

7 January 2015

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I have a terrible eye for most things spatial, so I could never really tell how many boxes I’d need for my move. In the last days before the big day, it seemed I had vastly underestimated the amount of stuff I had, so I snatched some boxes from work and carried them through Potsdam.

Day 162

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I found this waiting for me on my desk when I returned to work. :)

Day 159

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PhD! Weeeeee!

Day 155

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I’m spending the week leading up to my defense at the MPI guesthouse. Given that I lived here 3.5 years ago when I came to the Netherlands for the first time, it feels like I’m… closing a circle? Rounding the whole thing up? What’s the metaphor I’m looking for here?
In any case, I’ve got a relatively spacious double room all for myself, I can use the fancy internet here to prepare for my defense and I get to hang with a lot of my friends for a whole week. :)